Monday, July 19

and so it begins...

(click on image for closer view)

Day one has come and gone.
On Monday's all radiation patients meet one on one with their radiologist -
mine is on vacation, so I met with his colleague.

Not much to discuss, given this was my first day.
No need to check my skin for signs of burning,
no questions I could think of.
He was nice and had a few suggestions to help
keep my inflammation levels down.

I felt very tired as I waited for him, reading,
and I imagined a sensation of burning all along my rib cage.
It felt like I'd been burned,
but I knew it was my mind creating the sensation.

I stopped at a grocery store on the way back to my hotel room,
and picked up a few things to make salad in my room.
I've got a small frig and microwave.
I brought a toaster oven and my own coffee maker :)
a few comforts from home.

Everyone here is very friendly
and caring - and my room is quite comfy.  
I am very fortunate to be able to stay here,
close to the hospital during treatment,
while my amazing husband takes care of our home,
pets and over sees the attic renovation.
I'll join him at home on weekends,
unless the renovation scene becomes too much!!
Then he can come for a swim here!

oh so gratefully yours,


  1. oh wow, I'm looking forward to more detail on the radiation... hope your time there doesn't stretch out too far; glad the people are friendly there, I'm sure they understand. And, John will do a great job - will you go home this weekend? this is turning into an email.
    thanks for sharing your experience, as always!

  2. I pray this goes well for you... sending healing thoughts your way!

  3. you are amazing, karin. i feel such strength reading this.

    do you know human being from iran, karin? she breaks down and pulls apart words like you have done here, writes the most complex and simple poems from that.

    i'm thinking about you. if you need any extra courage or patience, i will give you as much of mine as i can.

    enjoy your room.


  4. p.s. the dragonfly mandala is amazing!

  5. I'm here for you too Karin. I send you good thoughts and prayers of no pain. Just good thoughts for you. Thank you for sharing.xxoo

  6. One day down...

    Hopefully it will be over quickly.

    Best of luck Karin. x

  7. And you're off!!! ....... the first day is behind you and you are off loping toward the finish line. One thing we have discovered on this cancer route is that the human body can take the most amazing amount of "battering". We are stronger than we think and you my dear are stronger than most. I am visualizing handing you the biggest bouquet of flowers as you cross the finish line. Lots of cheering, hugs and tears of joy. You go girl!

  8. Mark that X on the first square on the calendar, Strong One. I am wishing you angels and peaceful moments to help you on your way through. Love on you...

  9. Keep thinking of your wonderful art. That works for me every, art, art!

  10. everything will be fine. I will pray for you.

  11. Wishing you all the best, Karin - what a journey you've been on. Take care!

  12. Wishing you a safe and gentle journey. xxJ

  13. You inspire us all with your courage......

  14. Good for you! ending the post on a positive note!
    I love rain too.
    Happy Tuesday,

  15. I was wondering about the construction and glad to hear it has started. So exciting and nice that you can have your bed made and toliets cleaned by someone other than yourself.
    I hope you take a few photos to share the progres of your studio with us


  16. day one... a journey of a thousand steps begins with one, and in no time it will all be behind you. hold fast to your journal and art... it will not fail's cat

  17. We are not on the same journey, but we are with you as we are able, in spirit.

    My heart is with you.

  18. You strong feisty little customer! Not going to be an easy go of it and my thoughts are with you- Kick ass, girl!

  19. Healing rain fall all over you day and night. Drink it in.

    You are one of the truly healthy souls on the planet!

    I agree with robyn's beautiful comment too. Before you know it too. There will be a white soft snowfall.

    Smile blessing health.

    Love your last post. So beautiful.

  20. aid into art
    art into aid

    what you've given us all these many years...

    strong one

  21. You are in my thoughts and prayers today! Sending energy and love across the miles to stand beside you and for strength.

    You are a strong woman! Healing loves you!

  22. Healing thoughts for you through each day..You are on my mind. Just think about your new attic..What you will be creating..
    Love and Healing.

  23. Thinking of you Karin and praying that this works. much love to you, bridgette

  24. you are in my thoughts, beautiful one, as you enter into this new phase of healing.
    surrounding you in love,

  25. Your reflections here remind me of my mom's description of her own experience. Everyone is in the process of remembering how to make peace with the inner self. Love and blessings 2U throughout your healing journey.

  26. Oh karin, my thoughts are with you during this time. roxanne

  27. Dearest Karn,

    I think my words will be futile. I just want you to know I think of you and I wish you nothing but the best, I wish you joy, I wish you freedom from pain, I wish you well! Love,


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