Wednesday, June 9

cry me

an ocean...

try as i might i haven't been able to deal well
with what's happening in the gulf.
crying jags,
uninvited pictures
penetrate my dream time,
with suffocating and tortuous imagery.

my faith in humanity wavers
while my heart breaks
again and again.

i'm so grateful that today my hands were freed
from the gripping pain they've been in
so that I could process these feelings
in the way that brings me to the place
of peace that i've been seeking.

nothing has changed,
except in me.

(click on images for closer view)


  1. Beautiful work, karin! I agree it is so sad about the gulf...I know people are working on it but it's seems like nothing is happening and darkness just spreads. Really crazy...

  2. karin, this is so beautiful i am so glad your hands let you paint today. the result is not just for yourself. thank you.

    i too carry such pain about the gulf. where is our collective judgement? what will it take for us to collectively learn: is this enough for us to learn?

    but karin, i will say this too. i think we if were THERE, we would be doing everything POSSIBLE to save everything: to clean the birds, protect the marshes, free the water. we would be working 16 hours a day--unhappy with government's slow responses--working beside so many people who truly care. and we would believe we are and will make a difference.

    i was in new orleans with the red cross three weeks after katrina. it will always be one of the most profound experiences of my life.

    i mourn, and i fear. but i can't give up hope because of people like you and your friends and visitors here. and even because of me.


  3. Powerful, beautiful imagery, Karin. This whole gulf situation makes me feel as if my heart has dropped into the pit of my stomach. Glad you are able to process your feelings into the art you share.

  4. Hi Karin thanks for posting today and your cry of angst over the gulf.Your colours lifted the sense of doom i carry when i hear about the gulf,and seeing the images you created sent a sense of hope through me. In all of this diaster,helplessness and anger you can still let your self shine, that says a lot about human spirit.
    thank you

  5. i did cry you
    beautifull post

  6. dear karin, your post today is lovely! the situation in the gulf is terrible and I'm afraid, getting worse! Greed is an amazing thing! It makes intelligent people do very strange things!All I can hope is that BP doesnt declare bankruptcy before all the bills are paid. wouldnt put it past them! all we can do at this point is write to our representatives and encourage alternative fuel research and push for construction of wind farms, nuclear power plants anything to get us beyond fossil fuel! after careful consideration, I should add! nuclear is not my game but if done with great care could save us from seeing this disaster again!

  7. what a beautiful image - so poignant for me today - a day of tears

  8. What wonderful images you have created. I am always in awe of your talent.
    We are doing terrible things to our planet and I wonder if we will ever stop.

  9. This is a very beautiful and moving piece Karin.

  10. love this art...and I also feel overwhelmed by what is happening...then when I see people driving Hummers buying gas at BP stations....grrrrrrr......

  11. i have heard tears referred to as "liquid prayers." surely, they are...and no prayer goes unanswered. as one who lives in a gulf coast state, please know that your tender heart, your powerful images, your words, your tears are much needed...much appreciated. may you continue to dwell in the place of peace, free from pain.

  12. When your hands move, magic happens. Glad your hands are less painful. I am trying to believe that the gulf is a universal wake up call to humanity that change must come NOW and I am hoping that we are paying attention. I am trying to keep white light in my heart.

  13. Corrine's comment said what my heart is feeling so well.Your hands, your vision and your heart are magic...
    A call to change, yes. A
    call that will be heeded, I am doubt-filled. But that the only thing we can do is put white light around all of it, I agree completely. So heart breaking...but let us keep our aching hearts sending love...
    Love to you, Beautiful Talented One. May the pain stay at bay for a good long while...

  14. wonderful heartfelt post Karin! just beautiful imagery about a complete tragedy. my hope is that huge change comes from this. xo

  15. The second painting really draws my attention as it seems to express the way that I feel sometimes...thank you for sharing them


  16. Oops, the picture as a whole is disturbing to me and I figured out why as I was scrolling my reader. If you take two eyes together, they look menacing to me.


  17. Hi K
    Profound and important and tragic and a huge wake up call...your work weaves a frame of holiness around all that you share...surely resonating for any with eyes to see.

  18. Darling Girl- Rarely happens but i am rendered speachless...The destruction- so out of control. i can not go there...
    Your art as usual says it all, in a beautiful way.

  19. The tragedy in the Gulf is affecting so many. It is a sad and hurtful thing on so many levels.

    My heart hurts.

  20. I see you.
    It is our home...
    What can we do to protect it?

  21. Such a beautiful, amazing way to process the horror taking place down there. My best friend lives there, and it has almost done her in. I didn't have much faith in humanity before, and this disaster hasn't helped. Your image speaks of hope and protection; I see it as a prayer for healing, made by a shaman who knows what pain is.

  22. Oh wow, all the lines! They are powerful rays. And the eyes are haunting. I just learned that yesterday was Ocean Day, started by the Canadians about a decade ago. It should have been celebrated with more fanfare and alarms.


  23. Karin,
    I am glad your hands are able to create.
    I know all this breaks my heart.
    Life of nature is so taken for granted. Pain.
    Your art always brings me joy.

  24. Karin, I always see your avatar when I visit blogs and today I've decided to visit you and I am so glad I did...Your works are stunning and your words are moving...I am inspired by being here, by your beauty.

  25. What a spectacular piece accompanied by such powerful thoughts...Brilliant!

  26. I am so angry about the oil poison. I am barely comfortable to speak of it yet.

    Am checking out the link


  27. It pains me deeply what humanity is doing to mother earth and I only hope that solutions will come so that we can live in harmony with Gaia. As always, your creativity is awe-inspiring, Karin, and channels your feelings in a constructive way. Love and bright wishes, dear one. xx

    PS ... Thank you for your wonderful comments on my last blog post. More circles are being reported in barley now. As for the canola, it is amazing how the stems were bent without actual breakage. Thank you also for your wonderful feedback on my story and article. xx

  28. Karin, these are exquisite and poignant responses to our planet in distress. Your last mandala gives me hope. The surrounding circle of ocean blue eyes which connect to a central deep blue pearl seem to point to our collective growing awareness. Many thanks for these visions.

  29. Your paint brush strokes make something so horrible and devastating into a watchful art and affirmations for a better tomorrow. Keep your hands flowing with brain images of peace and healing! Have a great weekend and stand still to listen to your heartbeats. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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