Friday, April 23

oh you beautiful world...

you great big beautiful world,

let me put my arms around you,
I could not survive without you!

oh, you beautiful world,
you great big beautiful world...


  1. How beautiful ! The colors zing into my heart and minds. Happy Earth Day, Everyday, Beautiful Karin.

  2. This wonderful, I've alwaus loved using newspapers - I see the Arabic showing through :-)
    The world is hugging you back.
    Hugs from me, too

  3. Hey K~of course I can't read this text without singing that!
    I agree completely...Our Earth Mother is a jewel floating in space and we are privledged to be offered an oh so brief ride.

  4. oh you beautiful Karin! Let me put my arms around you and squeeze gently! I am still thinking about you amazing tutorial and can't wait to try...something. The binding part looks challenging.

  5. my friend, this is an amazing testimony to your spirit and passion. do you think linda sue will mind if i squeeze in on the hug?


  6. This is beautiful...and your tutorial is wonderful..thank you for your generous sharing!
    hug, hug

  7. I love the eyes peering over the edge of the great big beautiful world.

  8. I love all those eyes. I can't get your tutorial out of my mind and hope to get to it when I have some time. I just hope you leave it on for awhile. Great job. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. The power of pure vibrant colors and a vision to see the real live and be totally alive. I love this beautiful world too. May God bless and keep you as you journey through this moment in time. The beauty around us is enough to sustain us. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. This expresses the joy and wonder of it all!

  11. Karin,
    I love the eyes all around peeping.
    Lets all be included in that big hug.
    Big Hug,

  12. Love your choices of vibrant colors. Would it not be intriguing to have a child or meet a being that not only has different colored eyes, but is also a kind of chamaeleon changing colors and tones right before your eyes? Peace and love to you!

  13. Karin, it is a pleasure to come visit you. Your art and your words are beautiful and inspiring. Above all those is your spirit and determination. You are a strong woman and you love deeply. It is only natural that people love you back. It shows in your work. You are loved.

  14. at first, I thought I was looking through a kaliediascope and then I realized it was just your beautiful interpretation of the big wonderful world. thanks for sharing your eye view!

  15. Very very beautiful, Karin!
    Many hugs from me to you as well, with much love!

    xoxo Bettina

  16. Aww, Karin, let me put my arms around YOU! This is gorgeous, so colorful and rich. Their heads are one.


  17. A beautiful thought and a wonderful page!

  18. Thank you miss Kim! xox

    Hi Gypsy, yes I love the arabic papers, so they are throughout the background of this journal! hugs to you, too.

    I know D, the tune just keeps playing through my brain!! and it makes me smile as I look out on this oh so beautiful world!

    xo cat :)

    Oh, a big gentle hug to you Linda Sue. I know bindings all look somewhat challenging, especially when they are displayed completed, but this one truly is easy, once you get it - and you will get it!! love 2 u!

    oh yes, a hug to you, kj!! xo

    You are welcome Julie! and hug hug, too!

    thanks Robyn!

    Hi Gloria, I won't be taking the tutorials down - and if you want to, you can always go to my You Tube channel, and subscribe for any future tutorials as well!

    Yes, I fully agree Mary Helen - the beauty of this world is sustaining! wishing you wellness, xox

    thanks Sharmon!

    Sounds good Katelen, a big universal embrace!!

    Thanks Liara, yes that would be cool! All of us could be ever changing in our colorful shells, celebrating the full spectrum of color and life!!

    Thank you so much Ces. Your words touch me deeply and make me feel loved : ) and I share that feeling with you ❤

    you're welcome Peggy - that kaleidoscope feel is one I love about mandalas!

    Hi Bettina and Bella - big hugs and love to you both! xoxo

    Thanks Seth : )

  19. Dream a multi-colored, multi-dimensional being and you may be surprised at what manifests in your dreams and physical scope of wakened awareness. Remember Einstein said, "imagination is more important than knowledge." We are each invited to discern the truth for ourselves.

  20. I am just checking in to let you know today is a good day. I am saving my new journal you made with your loving hands for my sign in book for the opening night of my exhibit. I have so much to do but one step at a time. Hugs and hugs for you...I am hoping the radiation is bearable. The lotus flowers are blessing us. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  21. Its so good to hear you so enthused and happy. It shines through your work. Wishing you peace and continued happiness xxJ

  22. This is very beautiful!

    thanks for sharing
    best wishes

  23. karin, thank you for your comment on my blog. i am so glad and i so appreciate that you enjoyed the book, and that you loved the characters. me too....

    i can see why you are renee's friend. i hope you are feeling okay. let us keep in touch.


  24. Always inspiring to see your work, Karin. Bright well wishes as we dance into May. xx

  25. Your works are very inspiring. You made my day. Have a wonderful day!


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