Wednesday, September 23

September 22

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  1. humming to myself and taking in deep breaths to help you walk through the fire...blowing out the coolness...
    sending healing love, beautiful Karin.

    (Thanks for your cheers on my Squam adventures ! I am kind of glowy over here !)

  2. Another beautiful image. What medium are you using for this?

    Bob Weisenberg

  3. you do so much MORE than just enduring it my friend, you transform it into beauty and you mirror our pain and our beauty as well! brava! xo

  4. beautiful art pages, as usual. I hope they aren't literal... does the blue/purple represent water? hope that doesn't sound lame... excuse the pun!
    let me know how you're doing!

  5. Hi Kim, thanks for the assistance through the fires :)

    Thanks Bob, the images are acrylic paintings on gesso covered book pages.

    Thank you Cat. I try to do as you describe. There is a period of each day, however, during the morning hours, that my physical experience envelopes me. It is all, and all I can do is endure it. I was reflecting on that and the words reflected back at me in the day's newspaper headlines.

    Hi Patti, well not literal - I don't have flames shooting up all around me!!
    The blue is a lotus beginning it's blooming in the background. I painted it first, then the legs and feet, then the flames, overlaying each on top of the other.
    These represent, for me, that there is first the foundation of what truly is,
    then there is the physical form,
    then there is the physical experience.
    On a day like yesterday, the physical experience buries the truth of what is, but it's my job to remember that it is always there - that place of universal truth, connectedness with the greater oneness, release from the illusion of pain. I didn't experience that place yesterday, but in my heart I knew it was there.

  6. Imaging a cool puddle-pond for you to dip your feet into ... Loving you xoxoxoxoxoxox

  7. You draw feet just as beautifully as you draw hands.

  8. oh, oh, oh... and in the midst, the lotus... ALways...


  9. Sometimes I'm amazed at how clearly your art pages speak. They make me realize I've not often felt the kind of pain you seem to deal with on a daily basis.

    Feel well, Karin!

  10. Karin,
    For the mind can take us to places of healing. It is how you do it that amazes me. You are a beautiful and talented soul.
    I pray for you my friend.

  11. Living with you would be a dream. Living with your pain would be a nightmare.

    I love you my love.

    The picture looks like Angelique is feeling all over her body.

    Love Renee xoox

  12. Very strong image, i love it. Beautiful colors also....

  13. I have really been enjoying looking through your blog :-), will be back again. I hope your health is getting better and I am sending you a little prayer. This is a very powerful and beautiful painting. Thank you for sharing your work! Kind Regards Christine from Denmark :-)


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