Tuesday, September 15

September 15

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I want to take a moment to thank my fellow blogging creatives for including me in their recent posts. In addition to the powerful piece that Jaliya wrote, I was honored by Whitney-Anne on her Whitney's Weird Stuff blog in this post about compassion, where she shares one of her beautiful digital creations.

I also forgot to share Caterina's image of thunder on her blog La Dolce Vita when she posted it!! She took on the challenge, after I had posted my depiction of it here, and asked if anyone else had ever visually created thunder - have you?!


  1. As peaceful as a gentle running stream. The blue looks so like the water with reflections playing on the surface.

  2. awww shucks my dear! thanks so much...
    I have such gratitude for you! amico italiano!
    I just love this piece with the eye of protection! it is so beautiful and there are eyes everywhere! it would be a gorgeous prayer flag... yes?
    hope you are doing better and having more good days than not so good. xoxo

  3. I hope this means you are feeling good and peaceful as your lovely artwork implies.
    When are we going to make our artful exchange?

  4. Thanks Robyn, it was a gorgeous late summer, early fall day. the pond by our house was alive with activity, from a flock of geese bathing and diving under water, to turtles sunning on rocks, then plopping into the water. the bly sky reflected above - perhaps it all was influencing me :)

    I've been meaning to share your thunder for a while Cat - you're welcome! Likewise my sister in heritage!!
    Initially I saw the eyes as being really prominent, but it shifted as I moved along. Yes, a prayer flag would be nice - i've been wanting to make some for a while!

    hi Gypsy, it was a good day indeed. will be in touch!

  5. Karin, I love the "eye mandala"- two of my favorite things, eyes and mandalas! I like the spiritual symbolism here; perhaps it's a magical door to seeing the spirit world, or a prayer for "them' to watch over us.

  6. you inspire so many of us- you make us want to draw better, paint better and just be better within and without- i can't think of a better quality to share with the world

  7. It is always such an education to drop in and see what you are exploring in the moment...these recent posts are stunning testament to the lesson "we are more than our physical body" difficult and challenging as that may be to BE with on any given day.

    cool breeze, soft hugs to you dearest k

  8. So beautiful Karin, I didn't even notice the eyes in the middle until the pages were split.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Très riche composition !
    J'aime ces harmonies de lignes et de couleurs .


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