Saturday, July 4

July 4

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Today has been the United State's annual celebration of Independence - a day most people spend with fire works and cook outs, family gatherings and I'm not sure what else! We had an exquisite cool, sunny, quiet day in the yard, occupied with reading and watching the birds and many chipmunks wrestle over the never ending supply of seeds and cracked corn we dispense, in exchange for the entertainment they provide.

I spent a fair amount of time simply contemplating the word "independence" - thinking about the message it portrays of strength, in separation, by standing boldly alone.  I always took great pride in being called independent when I was young - a self reliant individual on my own.

Along the way I've learned that there is greater strength gathered InDependence, however; or through interdependence, if you prefer.  Having others to rely on means they are there to support me through my struggles, and cheer me on in my triumphs - I can merge their strength with my own.  So it's all in how and where the word is emphasized that I find much to value!

from my computer dictionary:

independence |ˌindəˈpendəns|nounthe fact or state of being independent Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1816 I've always valued my independence. See note at liberty .
independent |ˌindəˈpendənt|adjectivefree from outside control; not depending on another's authority the study is totally independent of central government Canada's largestindependent investment firm.• (of a country) self-governing India became independent in 1947.• not belonging to or supported by a political party the independent candidate.• (of broadcasting, a school, etc.) not supported by public funds.• not influenced or affected by others; impartial a thorough and independent investigation of the case.• ( Independent) historical Congregational.not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence I wanted to remain independent in old age.• capable of thinking or acting for oneself advice for independent travelers.• (of income or resources) making it unnecessary to earn one's living :a woman of independent means.not connected with another or with each other; separate we need two independent witnesses to testify the legislature and the judicature areindependent of each other.• not depending on something else for strength or effectiveness; freestanding an independent electric shower.• Mathematics (of one of a set of axioms, equations, or quantities) incapable of being expressed in terms of, or derived or deduced from, the others.
interdependent |ˌintərdiˈpendənt|adjective(of two or more people or thingsdependent on each other theincreasingly global nature of human society, with interdependent economies

  The Fourth of July is the day on which Americans commemorate their nation's independence, a word that implies the ability to stand alone, without being sustained by anything else.

While independence is usually associated with countries or nations, freedom and liberty more often apply to people. But unlike freedom, which implies an absence of restraint or compulsion (: the freedom to speak openly), liberty implies the power to choose among alternatives rather than merely being unrestrained (: the liberty to select their own form of government). Freedom can also apply to many different types of oppressive influences (: freedom from interruption; freedom to leave the room at any time), while liberty often connotes deliverance or release (: he gave the slaves their liberty).


  1. I like that we are interdependent.

    I love being supported by you and I love supporting you.

    By the way are you going to be home on your birthday?

    Any news on the meds?

    Going to bed soon just wanted to put up my blog for the day since I was already up.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. love it ! love it ! love it !

    Sometimes it feels you are in my head and hearing my thoughts and with your blog post you respond

    Thank you,

    Many hugs


  3. I know that you will fight for your meds, but it is like the worst thing having to fight with insurance companies when you feel sick. That is why half of the people give up, they just don't have the energy.

    Are you going to be home at your birthday?

    Love Renee xooxo

  4. Me too Renee - one for All and all for One!!
    Yes, I will be here at home for my b-day, and tomorrow the med battle begins again - onward ho...
    love to you, K

    Thanks Maria - another sign of the interdependence and connectivity we share, right?! xo

  5. Ah yes! They united and shared common goals, to be independent and free from tyranny! So I spent yesterday reading parts of the Federa;ist papaers and Thomas Jefferson's essays and writings. He, Hamilton, jay and Madison were exceptionally brilliant. This country is blessed. I hope we don't waste our gifts.

  6. ... yes ... the interdependent eye ... I'm reminded of images of the "Eye of God" ... or the Eye of Horus ... a whole world in the globe of that eye ...

    Beautiful, Karin xo

    Happy Birthday!! Have I missed it? ... I've missed a lot lately ... been very exhausted and needing to carefully regulate energy used ...

    Sending love xoxo

  7. I love the sound of your quiet day, Karen....with the sound of rushing water and happy birds in the background.


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