Wednesday, May 6

May 5

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Outside a few of our upstairs windows the dogwood petals trick my eye into thinking it's winter once in a while - their bright white petals against the dark branches remind me of snow, while the petals of our cherry tree are falling like snow flakes. 
The colors of spring seem to stand out even more dramatically in the gray rainy weather we've been having for several days now.

            The greens are greener...

   and pinks are brighter. 
                 The lilacs - I wish I could send the fragrance to you!


  1. Beautiful wonderful colours.

  2. Looking at your art garden is like the gift of a second spring sans's so lovely to see your sanctuary bustin' out all over!

  3. I thought I lived on a little peace of heaven, until I saw this post and, by the way, I think I can smell those lilacs! What a lovely, energy filled spot! And it is perfectly reflected in your mandala!

    On another note, thank you so much for joining the little group of Curio followers, which I will now be able to classify as family and friends (if I'm not being too presumptious?).

    Have a happy day, Karin!

  4. Your mandala is a perfect respresentation of that spring glory ! Beautiful !

    Oh, the lilacs ! Mine are opening now too ! That smell is heaven ! I brought some to my meditation class on Monday for my wonderful guide, Deb. It ended up being just the two of us for class that evening, breathing in the gentle lilac fragrance floating on the peace-filled air...A new spring image to keep in my heart forever !

    Enjoy the glories, beautiful One.

  5. omg, ALL of this is so gorgeous, karin! your pages -- wow! these colors... so, so beautiful. and the eyes......

    i swear i think i *can* smell the lilacs! your yard is stunning... i can see why so many birds like to hang out there. xo

  6. Karin the picture is beautiful and so hopeful.

    The trees and the yard are amazing. We may not even need to go to the cabin. We will just pile in to the backyard.

    Love you. Renee xoxo

  7. tell me you can see the view in that bottom photo... from your house?! I think I would sit and stare all day. my 'company' is gone, the house is empty and I'm both sad and a little relieved to get back to the order o things. I have a lot of catching up to do! great pages on here I see...

  8. thanks zom :)

    Hi D, Give me another week and I'll show you the full glory of color

    You're welcome Sonia - yes indeed, count me in!
    It is an oasis out there!

    Thanks Kim, mmm, lilac scented meditation sounds pretty heavenly!!

    Hey lynne, thanks :) the robins are especially happy with all the rain we've been having - they bathe in the water fall and munch on the worms :)

    I like it Renee! No travel for me, and great company? we're only a few minutes from the Sounds if we want the salt water thing... !!

    Yes Patti, this is my back yard - aren't I lucky?!? It used to be a tree lined grassy hill, and we have carved out this niche over the past few years, to create an oasis, which we walk right out to from the living room and kitchen. My studio looks down on it! I am blessed.

  9. Karin, this is the most stunning backyard I've ever seen. You actually created this waterfall? oh wow! You are an artist of note!

  10. Hi Robyn - it is a pretty lush oasis! I didn't do the physical labor of creating this, but designing and planting around the waterfall was us. I add a few new plants every year...
    We hired help with the water fall - they needed some big equipment for boulder moving! One street over there was some sewer work going on, and the city had dug up some huge boulders - I asked our guys to go over and get some of those to make it look natural, using the stones from our environment. The city was happy to have some lugged off at no expense to them, and I only had to pay for the transport time it took our guys, rather than buying boulders from a rock supplier - which seems so absurd, and can be very costly! It has become a lovely place to just be...


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