Sunday, May 17

I release

with thanks...


  1. This piece makes me smile - I love the flower blooming on top - it looks almost like a glorious party hat. Release is definitely worth celebrating !;-)

    The color, is so very rich, it grabs you !
    Much love !

  2. wow. this is... vivid, striking, difficult to describe without sounding dorky! It's way cool.

  3. oh, oh, oh! yes, yes, yes!

    : )


  4. Holy shit that is spectacular.

    I am addicted to looking at a certain little prayer book. I have gone to that email about 60 times within an hour.

    Thank you. xoxo

    Okay back to this picture. Oh my God the colours. Wow.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. Oh Karin! You knock me off my steady gait with these intense and fiery colors. You are so full of life my friend. You are burning. Tepid is not a word for you, hot so hot is sizzles. You are aflame!

  6. thanks everyone - sometimes you just gotta let loose a blast of color and let go with a deep sigh!

  7. Karin no I don't watch that show. But I will go look at the tarot deck now.

    I will be the housewife that is a slob.


  8. It is a blast and I just got off of it. I got the fool as the present card and couldn't be happier. I always love the fool.

    I saw it at amazon to. So cheap only like 12 bucks so it will probably be only 16 Canadian.


  9. Wow! Those colours just dazzle!

  10. I love this piece!!! Just fabulous!

  11. This dynamic perspective of a magical eye could represent the opening of a sixth sense or rediscovery of hidden inner knowing. Love the vibrant colors and energy that permeate here. You invite visitors to renew soul-searching and deeper, spiritual soul connections.


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