Monday, March 9

March 9

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I have a couple extra things to share with you all tonight.  I just received this wonderful gift from Jackie Wood over at Illustrating Stories.  She collaged, painted, assemblaged, and waxed this mixed media beauty - how lucky am I?!  I won it for their one year anniversary giveaway - and I literally found out I had won moments after I heard from Sonia that she had received the book she won from my giveaway!  Don't you love how that works?  The old what goes around comes around thing?!

Take some time to explore Jackie's blog, where she and Liz Ness (and a few other contributers) generously share their creativity, humor, friendship, and lives.  I loved Jackie's March 6th post about inspiring her 97 year old grandmother to begin an artistic journal - it proves it's never too late to start creating!

Next I'd like to let you know about another art collaboration kind of project.  Marc Moss is creating artwork incorporating love letters from loves that have lasted, loves lost, and letters breaking off those loves.  This project is called The Leaving and the Left.  It began with a showing of his own work - using his own letters.  I'm not great at describing other's artwork, but I was drawn to his rusted assemblage artwork, which is very personal, honest, and revealing.  He's now inviting others to send him their letters and correspondences, to expand the project and develop it further and would really love your participation, if you've got letters to release and put to fabulous use!  It could be very cathartic ;-)  And if not, just go take a look at what he's doing, look through the gallery and read about how it started.

Since I'm rambling, I would like to say thank you to Poetic Dreams at Lil Love Creations for passing on an award to me today, and thank you to Robyn at Art Propelled for sharing one nearly a month ago!  I know I'm supposed to share them with others, but instead I'm just going to say please go to the folks mentioned above, and take some time to explore my side bar.  To any others that have passed awards on to me in the past several months that I haven't mentioned - I'm sorry.  I stopped doing awards when it became too hard for me to keep up with.  This one came at the right time to mention, and Robyn's just popped into my head...  Many thanks to all who visit and share my work with others.  I truly appreciate you all.


  1. Your work is so inspiring! Thank you.

  2. Karin, thanks for mentioning Grandma, she will be honored.

    I love the colors you use in your journal, they just pop off the page.

  3. I love the idea of having a spirit such as this dancing over my home for protection.

    Thanks for the cool links ! And congrats on the beautiful prize and the well-deserved recognition !

    Lots of love,

  4. Thanks Karin for mentioning us and congratulations again!

    Also, I'm loving your book...every day is such a feast for the eyes!

  5. Karin thanks for sharing all the info above.

    Your work is totally groovy as usual.

    Love Renee

  6. Thank you Sybil!

    You're welcome Jackie - I love your grandma's story - and thank you for sharing your work with me!!

    That's funny Kim! I didn't even think of it that way as I worked on it. As usual, it sort of just appeared - the house followed the figure, and I kind of interpreted it as being too much to be contained within one form (the house) but still contained (by the pages) if that makes sense... anyway - thanks!

    You're welcome Renee, I know we shared the same award :) groovy art, eh? I like it!


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