Thursday, March 12

March 11 & 12

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  1. Hi Karin. Love your mandala! And I just watched your process video, very well done. My process is very similar to yours...just wondering what you use to rub in your varnish...a sponge or cloth? Please visit me at my Paper Paisley blog.


  2. ALL of the pages you've done since i left are stunning. you're an inspiration, my friend... xxoo

  3. kaleidoscope, mandala, sea urchin, lotus, circle, burst, bloom, expand...

    Happy Friday, beautiful Karin !

    ox ox

  4. Your art hits me where I live! Every page is amazing- Your thoughts are amazing! LOVE your blog!!! Your ART! I wish I had a zillion hands - all thumbs up for you!

  5. Gorgeous! All the descriptions Kim used in her comment are perfect.

  6. Hi Aimeslee, thank you for your visit! I actually use a dampened paper towel - I usually brush it n quickly and then rub/burnish it in with the paper towel, and I am brand attached. I've tried many, and I've tried all the recycled paper ones, but this is the one place where I guiltily splurge. I use Brawny paper towels in my studio. I've tried rags, and other materials, but seem to get lint and debris with everything else, so for I allow the ends to justify the means in this one area. I hope some day strong paper towels will be made by recycled paper companies.

    Thanks Lynne, nice to have you back for a visit :)

    Thank you Kim, I like all your descriptors!
    Thank you Carmen and Robyn :)

    Linda Sue, you've given me a huge smile with all those thumbs up!! I can always use simoe extra thumbs around here ;^)

  7. Beautiful colors, the image looks like it is floating and reminds me somewhat of a jelly fish. I love it!

  8. Oh, this is amazing. Looks like it could move off the page like it is alive.


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