Tuesday, February 3

more from the Sketchbook Project!


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  1. here i sit... smiling, smiling...

    : )

  2. This morning I had a choice, look outside at the 5 and 6 foot drifts of snow between me and my studio or check out Beyond Words. Glad I chose the latter. Loving the sunflowers...a subject that I am very familiar with these days.

    I am also experimenting with the "altered book" concept. Did I say experimenting, I meant Struggling. You do it so well you make it look easy.

  3. I LOVE stranger in a strange land... all the little people roaming, searching, pondering...
    and your calligraphy - how long does that take anyway?!

  4. I'm smiling back at ya Lynne :)

    WOW Curio, that's a lot of snow! I'm honored that you came to visit here, and hope the sunflowers were able to shine a bit of warmth your way!
    If I can offer any tips regarding working in your altered book, feel free to ask. There are so many ways to approach it, from highlighting words and phrases, cutting windows to reveal pages below, to completely covering and simply using the book as a canvas...

    Hi Patti, thank you! The writing is probably what takes the longest. Let's just say - a long time!!

  5. The pictures above are nothing less than spectacular. I especially love the stranger to a strange land.

    You are rockin it.

    Love Renee

  6. I love these pages. Even without reading the words or knowing a little of her story it's obvious that this figure is on a journey of self discovery, absorbing her surroundings and savouring every moment of what life is teaching her. She is filled with awe and patience and is someone who inspires me immensely.


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