Tuesday, February 24

February 24

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  1. Wispy like a dream.... but a very powerful image....the message makes me feel quite breathless.....awareness is important though isn't it?

  2. omg, the swing... it took me a couple of minutes to see it. i don't think these pages could be any more perfect. any more expressive.

    i find the last paragraph on the right page interesting. they're going to analyze this further, keep pinpointing... this is amazing to me. actually it's amazing to me that they feel they have to prove ANY of this scientifically. "anecdotal" evidence is never good enough.


  3. Karin this is going to haunt me all day.

    I have two nieces that were sexually abused by their father for years. And another newphew in a different family who was abused by a neighbour.

    The tree and the swing symbolic of childhood. It is a haunting image.

  4. Yes Robyn, I really think it is. I had something else all together intended for today, but then I saw this headline and knew I had to go with it.

    Thanks Lynne, I trusted that an image would come, though I had none in mind as I sat down to paint after pasting down the article. It's good when this happens, isn't it?
    The studies this article highlights struck me as odd too - not so much that they are doing them, but the angle they are going at it. I don't know. I do find any study of the brain and causes of change with in it fascinating though - and this cause and effect particularly so, having personal experience with it.

    I am so sorry Renee, for the tragedies your family has endured. I hope that all involved are getting help for healing these deep wounds.
    The haunting is what I want to do though, to bring child abuse to our consciousness so none of us let these abuses go by without saying something. We need to talk about it to remove the shadows, the shame, and empower the victims.

  5. Your journal pages always have so, so much to say. So meaningful, mindful and passionate.

  6. I relate in a very deep way to the text...

    and I love, love the imagery. It may seem incredible, but a couple of days ago I sketched a swing hanging from a very similar tree, even the direction was identical.

  7. This is so timely...my best friend since we were three came from an abusive alchoholic home- there are pieces of her at age 60 still not put into place, if they even exist. She is full of holes because of her childhood...as a consequence she sabotages any light that may come to her. She has sabotaged my friendship for the final time. I am sympathetic but worn out planting seeds into concrete. Children not saved become adults unable to be saved, I'm afraid. It's very sad.

  8. Thank you Carmen - that is my goal, and it does my heart good to have you see it that way!

    Hi Sonia, me too, I'm sorry to say. Maybe that's why we taped into the super unconscious and came up with the same imagery! That's pretty wild...

    I am so sorry to hear about your friendship Linda Sue, but sometimes the biggest gift you can give yourself and another is to release them, with love, to their own misery. Reminds me how the first thing we were taught in life saving, as the life saver, is don't let the drowning victim take you down with them! Hopefully, once she realizes she has isolated herself, without any one left to support her in any way, she will begin to patch those holes. Coming from a similar back ground, I know it can be done - as an adult. (Perhaps as a final gesture to your friendship, since you've got nothing to lose, you can suggest Adult Children of Acloholic meetings to her.)

  9. that was me being in special ed. teacher mode : ) -- feeling completely frustrated with colleagues who wouldn't see what was right before their eyes. no conclusions could be drawn (read no help given) until further studies had been conducted, more evidence had been collected... xo

  10. Karin I read a young girls story today. It is horrible. I thought you might be interested.


    Love you. Renee

  11. one of my students drew a picture of a tree swing on her mandala... i thought is represented her youth so well... it's so interesting how we can see things in images that spark something from our own experiences... but knowing the artist and what it symbolizes for them changes everything... i love art!!! and i love you!!!

  12. Karin ... Wow -- haunting creation ... grabbed me. Took a few minutes to discern the red swing and the tree ... I recalled a poem I'd written about 13 years ago for a dear friend who'd both been abused and who had lost a child in utero ... She used to call herself a "ghost child" ... and the image emerged in my poem as "the ghost girl who haunts / you with love / for yourself ..." I'd already read the NYT article ... and there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that a child's brain is drastically affected (some would say "hard-wired for life") by any form of injury, whether it be abuse or any other source of persistent stress ... I hope I don't sound "snarky" here, but it always seems that the "experts" are the last to clue in to genuine experience ...

    What language is in the image that is referring to the English equivalents?

    Hugs to you, dear Karin ... I've been deeply following my own healing instincts lately -- not "out there" much in the last couple of months ...

    Blessings xoxoxox


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