Saturday, February 14

Drum roll please. . .

Happy Valentine's Day one and all!!

I had intended to do the drawing bright and early this morning, 
only to discover my camera batteries were dead! 
So, without further ado...

it's time for me to pick the winner of my 6 month blogging celebration give away.
Forty of you, my blogging friends, joined in...
and the winner is...

Sonia, the wonderful mixed media artist from Atelier Curio Studio!! 
If you watch the video and see her name being drawn, you'll realize I had no clue my little digital camera also recorded sound!  So, I'm doing everything pretty quietly, except for one blast of laughter for my klutzy one handed attempt at filling my bag with all your names.  
I always enjoy entertaining myself :^)

This is Zana adding her happy valentine wishes, too!


  1. happy valentine's day, sweet woman! your laugh has put a smile on my face... and what a lovely photo that is with all of the names around the heart... ahhhhhh...

    congratulations, sonia!


    happy V day

  3. Oh my goodness,I was so excited to hear I won. My husband actually got the email and told me about it! I quickly went to check out your blog and what a beautiful way to do your draw...I loved your laugh. It just seemed to fit how I imagine you...Perfect! I will write soon. Thank you so much. I just can't wait to hold that beautiful book in my hands.

  4. I just wish I could have sent everyone a book! Glad you all enjoyed my laugh, and video. thanks for participating - and congrats again Sonia!

    I'm sure I'll do another, at the one year point - this was fun :)
    ❤ Karin

  5. Great post and such a clever way to pick the winner. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  6. Fantastic post! Something about my name swirling around in your heart with names of other creative spirits put a big smile on my face.


  7. Thank you Seth, it was fun - hope your ♡-day was good, too!

    That is a great image, Cara! Glad you enjoyed the post, and process :)

  8. Well done Sonia!

    Karin, all your heart imagery warms my does your infectious laughter.

  9. What heart-warming images. When electronic greeting cards arrive late, one can also laugh. Even invisible post-beings can be overwhelmed on certin occasions. Patience is a virtue! Endless love and serenity to you!

  10. Now that is one lucky duck.

    I laughed at your laugh. Now I can say we laughed together and you have the same cackle as me.

    Love it.


    Thanks for the opportunity sweets.

    Love Renee


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