Friday, January 9

January 9


  1. Ahhh to float there for a while...

    Thank God for imagination for it allows us to float there whenever we want, doesn't it ?

  2. Dear Karin..thanks for visiting me on my blog and leaving me a kind and thoughtful comment. I am always happy to get to know new journal artists. Beautiful poetic pages you are creating. I identify with the causes you care similar to mine..I'm glad you found me or rather I found you.

  3. just to let ourselves breath the same breaths of God, in rhythm, then taken back into the place we were given His breath when we were One form

  4. once again you've chosen words that echo my feelings/thoughts exactly... xxoo

  5. Yes Kim, it's true, even sometimes through the unimaginable...
    Greetings Orly, You are welcome, and and I thank you as well! Yes, I felt a kinship to your messages and am grateful for the connection and expansion your work brings me.
    I'm breathing in, and breathing out, Odd Chick :)
    namaste lynne

  6. This floating body in all the colors is so beautiful and peaceful to me. Swirling around in space.

    I want to thank you again for putting up the link to donate to FOJ. I sent out all of the prints now and the giveaway is over. It was alot of fun and rewarding too.

    Your journal is so beautiful Karin. I'm so happy to have come to your site and be able to enjoy all of your creations.

    Peace be with you,


  7. This series of images speaks to me of unlimited freedom at the disposal of human beings. It begins in the mind. You offer an enthusiastic reminder to encourage your readers to stretch their physical bodies and all their senses. As you say, we can each rediscover sensations we associate with rebirth, "where life begins."

  8. Hi Karin,
    Finally I got to your comment section. I was getting it, it was just behind another window. Enjoyed your e-mail comments in the meantime. I will be a regular visitor to your blog. Thanks for checking out mine. Your words and visual imagery (and calligraphy) are stunning and call to my own heart and soul.

  9. karin,
    i like the way you use colors. it makes your paintings very strong. very stunning.


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