Thursday, January 1

January 1


  1. oh my, i love this... "looking out for unique possibilities". yes and yes again!

  2. Love the use of paper cuttings ! Like paper doodles ! Gorgeous !

  3. YUM!!!
    I can just imagine the smile poppin' up on your little mug as you see this appear...what a grand new year gift to the eye...BEYOND WORDS!!!

  4. The origami paper cutting was fun and fitting the colorful pieces together, creating the scene... then I had to figure out how to glue it down! sticky delicate mess, grrr, pant pant, hrrrumph... ah-ha!

    In case anyone ever tries this, here's what worked for me:
    On wax paper, paper cutting face down, glue stick dipped in water so it's ooey, gooey-ish and glides easily all over without sticking to the paper too much, but distributes glue well, cover cutting liberally. Then flip wax paper over onto journal page, place and stick. Peal wax paper away gently, tenderly rub down paper cutting into place with a dampened finger tip and voila. I let it semi dry before taking a dampened paper towel and I was able to wipe away excess glue.

  5. Paper cuts are gorgeous - I will remember the wax paper technique you describe - brilliant!


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