Monday, December 8

December 8


  1. oh my, these are beautiful words...

    i love these colors, and the young and the old together...

  2. Karin, I stumbled upon your blog when in a fit of _ I'm sick of all the "I "heart" ...." art blogs. I was looking for passion, connection, depth of feeling and emotion. Enter YOU. I appreciate your work. It's my daily dose of wonderment.
    When I look at these pages today, I see me staring at me. Not sure how you knew.
    Merci ...

  3. Oh Karin, full of Grace...and always helping me to find my own in this moment...

    Sending love...

  4. So true and yet so simple. I love this page.

    Lots of love,

  5. yeah Lynn, the words followed the image this time - the elderly face appeared in my minds eye early in the day and followed me around - words fell into place with the images.

    Tamsie, thank you for leaving me such a touching comment. I find the more honest I am with my ability to express what's within me, the more deeply I tap into that which resonates with others - at least that's what I sense happening. In that connection, as I see me, I see you...

    Kim, thank you - you are so kind, and one of great grace. I have missed you - glad your back, will have to come 'visit' and see how your trip was.

    Thank you Leslie, yeah, the simplicity is always there for us, isn't it?
    sweet peace to you all,

  6. "Taking grace into our own hands". How nice. And so possible. Thank you for reminding me.

  7. who needs food when you feed us so well...


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