Monday, December 29

December 29


  1. yes, yes! looking and seeing with fresh paint! (oh, these eyes...)


  2. The writing over the top is beautiful. Did you write that? Or is it transfer?

  3. how did you get that vertical background? the bars look like Sanskrit...
    I've been taking a bit of a break from the studio and net, trying to get this amazingly disgusting house in order! should have gone house shopping after the auto-immune, might not have gotten a rambling old place with so much dust:)
    hope you're doing well - let me know!

  4. The vertical pattern is writing that I did, and it was done first thing over the gesso, with a fine marker, then paint followed. It's a made up calligraphy 'language'!

  5. nice one karin,
    very interesting layering of work. and thanks for the message.:)

    kiko's last name comes from carlos fuentes, a mexican writer i like.
    kiko for the los lobos song.

    lily because if i ever had a little girl i would have named her lily. and rossetti because i love the pre-raphaelites, and dante gabriel rossetti included in that group.:)

    i told my brother to check your blog out and added you blog to my blog roll.

    such a beautiful site.:)


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