Sunday, November 23

November 23


  1. Very simple and beautiful .... is the calligraphy your own? I love the fanciful quality to it - very secretive and special ...

  2. Hi Kim - thank you. Yes, it's a made up calligraphic 'language' that I find very meditative to do. The rhythmic automatic movement can take me away :)
    You can see a set of books I did, and read more about what it means to me here:Artsheal

  3. Wow, that's a lot of writing! But the whole effect is very soothing. Lovely mandala.

  4. What a gorgeous mandala! And I'm very impressed with your caligraphy, especially that its a made up language. Stunning!

  5. Wow that is incredible and must have taken quite some time for the caligraphy! The painting is beautiful and I love that all of the print in underneath.



  6. Yeah, it does take a really long time. These pages took about eight hours, which is probably why I am not up for doing any today! But I, too, am pleased with the effect of layering the image over it - I'm going to have to do more with that on some clay board or something. One of the beauties of working in a little book (as many of you know) is the experimentation with process that I can do, and save for referencing when I want to work bigger, or go into more deeply later.
    Anyway, thank you all for your appreciative comments :)


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