Saturday, November 22

November 22


  1. ahhh...once more the images have moved 'beyond words' and say everything that needs to be said....stunningly.

  2. May the angels tiding be full of blessings for you...

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog re: my rocks and my art work - It made me smile and it was so appreciated !

  3. These are fantastic-I love them. The gold around the oustide is a great touch and they look very old to me.
    Hope you're feeling well!



  4. Nicely iconesque. Enjoying your work.

  5. hi karin,

    i just 'found' your blog through your comment at art propelled. i wanted to tell you how moved i am by your art, and how glad i am that you've put it out here for us to see. you've inspired me. truly. and thank you for the video below, too. it's wonderful! my favorite part is where she talks about not talking about/judging your paintings -- to treat them like people. yes! this is so true and she's put it perfectly!

    i will be back! thank you again!


  6. hi karin,
    i love your latest little gem:) it is a window that i would like to crawl through and stay there for a while! the colors remind me of the day we had the studio sale... now things are slowly turning gray. hope that you are doing better than when we last spoke. lots of love, j

  7. Awesome. I am gobsmacked.


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