Saturday, November 15

November 15


  1. wow karin, it's sooooo good to see your script again. love it - and that's how the weather felt, but since i was outside all day saturday... it was mixed with oranges... the last leaves of fall. i also left a comment on my blog to yours. welcome back to art:)
    so good to see you working in your

  2. Karin -- that script that falls like rain from the cloud -- Is that an actual language? It is so beautiful -- musical in its flow.

    I hope you're well xo


  3. not too keen upon November the 16th, but November the 15th is lovleyness, reminds me almost of Victorian illustration ,the grime and murk

  4. Yes Jennifer, I've been missing my calligraphy, too. It was all gray and winds outside my window - dark and dramatic. Weather I actually love!
    Jaliya, it is a made up script - a meditative practice that came to me after my second back surgery when writing in my journal was getting really boring - lots of whining about pain. I needed an outlet "beyond words" which was where and when I arrived at this phrase. I began freely writing, and these markings appeared.
    BW - re. the imagery, I'm with you :)


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