Saturday, November 1

November 1: These Bones

This book sits in a hand stitched bone nest, made with what I believe are cat fish bones, which my mother sent to me. She collected them from the beach near her home in northern Florida, after a collector's dream storm. She had asked what I wanted for Christmas one holiday season - I replied, "Bones". Both nature and she obliged abundantly, when boxes of bones, from fish to a pelican, wrapped in holiday flare.

The book within it's nest is hand painted with ink washes on rice paper; the words of my poem were then stamped on the pages, and sewn together.

These bones

once smothered

beneath the layers

of fat, flesh, muscle

encased and aching

to separate and free

to flee,

to rattle click

to dry, harden, bleach

warming in the sun

having been picked clean

by passers by

then tossed, kicked

left to lie

upon the sand

between the rocks

washed clean

by salty waves.


  1. Karin, you are a true artist and an inspiration.

  2. This is so beautiful...I love your is very soothing...
    Continuing to hold you in a healing circle...
    Saturday morning blessings,

  3. I like this BONE creation. I never would have thought about using bones in art. I am more of a 2 dimension artist but have enjoyed sculpture when I was in Art school and most recently at the Neptune Festival sand sculpting competition. If you look at my older posts you can our entry in the competition.

    You are very dedicated to your art and it shows. I enjoyed your whimsical spiders too! Thanks for your kind words on my site, I appreciate it.

    Thanks for sharing your Art with us all-BRAVO! I will visit again :)


  4. very cool! love the ocean in the background and the nest/feather symbols... such a great video - but a but blurry due to youtube... would love to see a bigger version of it! hope you have a great day... can't wait to post pics from the events i am going to today....xoj

  5. Thanks everyone,
    The video quality is actually really good if you go to YouTube to watch, and click on "watch in high quality", right below the video screen! Somehow, the translation onto blogspot takes it down a few notches.
    Leslie, my background is first as a sculptor, and has more recently become 2d, so for me the flat format is more challenging at times! I'll go check out your sand sculpting creations - that always looked like fun, but not easy!
    I am healing on track, quite well Kim- thank you so much,


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