Tuesday, October 28

October 28

Please vote!!

This blog has been a wonderful place for me to display a facet of my life, primarily through my art, in a public way. I've shared my philosophies, struggles, ideas, and ponderings, on my pages and in my posts, receiving amazing feedback and support from wonderful strangers and friends alike. For the most part I have kept politics out of it. I love that my work attracts a diverse group of people from all over the world, and that it often can speak universally, because I use imagery for communication more than words, but today I am risking turning off some of my cyber friends, because soon, we here in the United States will be given the opportunity to begin again, and I want to say something about that.

I tend to look at things symbolically, and to me this election represents a most powerful set of symbols. I believe, we are being asked to choose between a symbol of the past: rigiditiy, outdated, warring, fear based, witch hunting, intolerant, stagnant energy - or we can step into an evolving energy.  One that stretches beyond our literal and figurative borders.  One that lives in a symbol of multi-culturalism and inclusiveness, a steady, calm, thoughtful, peaceful, and new evolving energy. We are on a precipice and have a choice. I believe it's time to take a leap of faith.  I am not willing to turn my back on the unknown, only to return and walk back into the 'been there, done that' all over again, where we are being promised more war, more killing, more dependance on limited resources, more removal of human rights and individual rights, and less expansion of our hearts and minds.  

Do I think that either choice we have is ideal?  Not at all.  I'd prefer a multi party system, where more ideas and voices could be heard.  Where money didn't make or break a candidate.  I'm also tired of voting against, rather than for a candidate.  
This year is different, for me - I'm voting for my country, not just a man, or a party.

This is simply my opinion, but one that I feel is my responsibility, as a citizen, to share.  This is too important and dangerous a time for us not to speak up in what we believe. I am confident that we are ready to evolve into a higher state on this planet - one that doesn't allow maverick folksiness to even be on the priority list for choosing our leaders.  Thanks for reading, I hope you'll watch part of what made this post so important to me...

(Thanks Harvee, for pointing it out to me!)


  1. You haven't lost this cyber friend. Your post should be plastered in editorial columns across the country. I will admit how hard to watch the You Tube video is... I might send it to a few republicans I know.

  2. Beautifully stated! Indeed, our priorities as a society in what makes a valid candidate is completely screwed up. I don't want my president or vice president to be just like me. (that's a scary enough thought!) I want she or he to be elite for goodness sake!

    Thanks for a great post!

  3. Very beautiful and thought provoking - you would do that for me.. it is in your nature. I know this comes from a heart full of goodness. I wish I could believe that we could have a world with no wars and that Obama could be the instrument of peace. But reality tells me that will have wars - and that we must do what we can to keep ourselves safe and keep safe the victims of other countries where they live under genocidal murderers. I don't fall for the media. I listen to the stories of soldiers who have been there and come back and they believe that they are doing the right thing.it is the real reality. But you will never lose me as a follower and I hope you can respect my truth

  4. Glad to be able to help provoke thought - and wouldn't post if I wasn't up to the sharing of varying opinions :)

    I still can't watch the video without getting teary. I wrote the post a couple weeks ago, before my surgery and hadn't watched it for a while, so it hit me all over again.

    OC, I've often thought about how I might feel if I were in Iraq? Of course, I can't know. I've struggled through many interviews and documentaries, and those alone are almost more than I could endure. Interestingly, the soldiers interviewed/filmed come out on both sides of the issue, having shared similar experiences, which just goes to show how human it all is. I can only come at this from my own back ground, but I am pretty sure that if I were a soldier, on the ground, coming face to face with Iraqis, doing the humanitarian work, I would be sure I was doing the right thing as well. I truly have no clue how I'd feel in combat. I wouldn't argue there are positive things happening. Ending the reign of Saddam Huissein certainly was positive, once that ball was rolling - for every negative, there will be positive, in my philosophy of life!

    I actually don't think there could, or even necessarily should, be a world completely free of military conflict/war. (It's certainly something to strive for, in my ideal world.) What I am fully opposed to is a president making preemptive strikes, especially based on lies and personal agendas, set prior to an attack made against us. I have faith that Obama will be more honest and fair if, and/or when, we do enter another war or military conflict. I agree that democratic countries have a responsibility to help those with genocidal practices.

    The problem I have seen with the media, post 9/11, is that they perpetuate the fear based lies the current administration has spoon fed them, (which some have since admitted to doing) without proper investigation in an attempt to keep the American public feeling insecure and unsafe. Those who did proper investigative reporting were buried and suppressed. (check out one reference http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/btw/watch.html for anyone interested)
    My sense of safety comes from honesty and open communication, so, while I actually would prefer neither of the main candidates, I have found a number of reasons to support the democrat this time around, and virtually none when it comes to McCain. And more chilling than I can even fathom, is the idea of a Palin presidency...

    OKay, I have gone on WAY longer than intended! Time to rest...

  5. oh..another great work of art

  6. Whoa! That video was scary. I wasn't going to vote for McCain anyway, but seeing that video made me more sure I'm making the right choice.

  7. Downright SCARY that video is. I can't imagine anyone making the choice for McCain as president. I hope and pray that the majority can see the light and bring us the CHANGE we need here in America.
    Thanks for the post-eye opening!


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