Thursday, October 23

October 23: A letter of thanks, to my family & friends

Dear Family, Friends, and visitors!

I cannot tell you how deeply touched I am by the caring thoughts and support I feel from you all, with the kind and meaningful words you have sent me. I know that it is part of why I have already been up and walking around, less than 24 hours following my surgery. Actually, I probably didn't have a choice in that - but I walked way farther and more strongly than anyone thought, and got a few - "Wow, you're doing great"'s along the way!

I arrived at the Hospital for Special Surgery a little after noon yesterday and went through the registration process. I was asked if I wanted a single, or double room. Singles are available first come, first serve so I had prayed (and asked a few others to join me) for a single room, because I am the world's lightest sleeper. So when I found out I had a choice, that alone made me happy. a view of the river, or a street view. Last time I went for the side of a building, wanting to save money. This time I decided - hey, this is the last time I'm going to do this, so why not do it big? I'm going for the river!

So, after signing in, my husband John, and I, went into the family waiting room, which is quite large, with comfy chairs and a wall of windows overlooking the East River.

I felt a wash of peace move through me, and a completely calm and confident ease about being there, in the moment. Then I got a deeper sense move and settle into me - one of the assurance and knowing that I had many people thinking about me and sending their prayers, positive thoughts, and deep caring, for which I felt, and feel, abundantly grateful.

Soon, I was met by a pastor, a nutritionist (totally confused about what a vegan might eat - jello? protein drink with whey - they are okay, right?! So I went into teacher mode for a little while!), nurses, resident, anesthesiologist,

and finally my surgeon,
Dr Federico Girardi; a kind, attentive, and truly wonderful person as well as physician.

I feel I went into this experience being held in such a deep way, that I can't describe it well with words, (images to come, I'm sure!) I was actually able to go into surgery feeling happy - relatively!

It began around 4 and lasted for 2 hours. I remember little, even about the recovery room, other than seeing my surgeon's face and hearing that everything went well.

When I was taken to my room I could not have been more surprised and overjoyed by what greeted me. Not only was it a room with a view, but 2 walls were windows overlooking the East River and just a bit of FDR Drive (for those who know NYC) and the buildings lining it. It was dark when I got in, so the lights were reflecting off the river from both sides... Quite nice, I thought, until I watched the sunrise over it this morning! Red, orange light bounced off low clouds, set against a vibrantly blue dawn sky. Breath taking! I didn't have my camera for it, but will try for a capture tomorrow, instead, here are some day time views I had.

If you've managed to read this far, thanks! And I have one more request. I am running a fever. Not something you want to have happen after a surgery, and I think it's just a cold - but if you would, keep sending those powerful good vibes I felt carry me into surgery! Okay, time for some good sleep.
Gratefully yours,

My good night view up the FDR


  1. It is funny how the photos you chose to share today feel so much like your daily are a pretty amazing lady to be "creating" your way through this process.

    Still holding you, brave one...

  2. Love the video you 'left for us' while you are recovering. My two kids and I were in the car at roughly time time of your surgery and we all said a prayer together. Will continue to do so, though I'm hoping that nasty fever is already gone!
    So glad you got a room with a view, I know how important the visual aspects of life are, I hope it speeds your healing even faster!!
    many hugs (except not tight ones:)

    p.s. your studio is so cool - and really neat too:)

  3. Darlin' girl'
    You are an amazing soul to be posting and sharing and reaching out even as you move into your healing process.
    Take very very very good rushing and certainly we are all holding you in the light...imagine a hammock under you and just the gentlest sway as your beautiful body leans into its time to heal.
    sending mucho grand X's & O's

  4. hi karin,
    hope you are over the fever and enjoyed some nice jello today:) please let us know again soon how you are doing... hope you saw my pic of us on my blog! had to do it -almost posted the one where you were smiling so big - will keep that one for myself... lots of love and super powers, j (aka. super buddha girl)

  5. I'm so glad things are going positively for you! Happy healing xx

  6. I'm so glad the surgery went well and you came out strong. Now your recovery has begun! Take care,

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