Monday, October 20

October 20

Tomorrow I head to The Hospital for Special Surgery for my third back surgery... 

  I have all the confidence that this will be the easiest and smoothest of back surgeries I've been through.  (Though these drawings imply upper back issues, it's all lower - artistic license!)  Less than a year ago, I had a lumbar fusion, after an unsuccessful partial discectomy from two years prior to that.  Now, I have to have the screws and rod used to support my spine while the fusion healed, taken out.  Normally it is left in, but my body still has not accepted this foreign material, and may have even developed an allergy to the titanium it is made up of - which is rare, but not unheard of.

The journey of my back began after a fall, while I was trying to stop my dog from falling down the stairs... She had a brain tumor, and was unsteady on her feet. Well, I succeeded at keeping her from tumbling, by taking her place!  I know, it sounds like something I couldn't make up - add that her name was Frida... (as in Khalo.  Yeah, I'll be picking my pet names way more carefully in the future!) but that's what happened.

My Sweet Frida

Anyway, I can hardly wait for this to all be healed so that I can sit and create comfortably, take walks, do yoga again, and not have my back be the first thing I am aware of in the morning, and the last thing I feel as I try to go to sleep.  

I've pre-prepared a few posts for you and will have them come up while I'm in the hospital, including a slide movie tour of my studio and the process I go through, from beginning to end, with my pages in a day.   That's slotted for tomorrow!  (How cool that we can pre-post and it will pop up when the date and time is set for?!)

Please think of me tomorrow, as you go through your day, and send healing thoughts. 
(My surgery is scheduled for 3:30 PM New York time!)
Thank you, Karin

By the way, these mandalas are taken from a mandala journal I kept a few years ago.  Too much on my plate for my journal today - I'm already going through withdrawal!


  1. darlin' are so in my heart and on my mind as you move into this 'third's the charm' surgery on the morrow.
    Your mandala pages are beautiful as your interlude begins...dream of the pages that will fly from your fingers in the near future...visualize all of those who are inspired by your rich voice that speaks legions 'beyond words'...and as I often heard you say to sweet sweet frida "Heel"...only for you we spell it with an A.


  2. I will send your back some light first thing in the morning (here in Australia). Should be right when they wheel you in.
    To the beginning of the ending of your discomfort!

  3. Beautiful mandalas. I can relate. I've spent the last 2 years recovering from surgeries to repair damaged joints due to rhuematoid arthritis. I am just beginning to be active and pain free again. Frida Kahlo has been an inspiration to me.
    I wish you all the best. I'll be sending you healing energy.
    -Grace Lee

  4. The healing energy is already on its' way...may you feel washes of it across you throughout your process, like the blank page feels the washes of color you provide...
    Be well...

  5. Sending major energy, positive thoughts, hugs and prayers your way! Please post as soon as you can to let us know how the surgery went and how you're feeling. I'll be waiting....

  6. I have been gone a few days and missed this post, but please know that my prayers and thoughts are with you , coming from Northeastern Ca.
    better known as Allison.

  7. very good mandals

  8. Karin ... May all the gorgeous colours of your creations wash through you, and all the wise words you've collected soothe your mind.

    Sending you warm hands laid gently on your body and soul ...

  9. I trust your surgery helps your ongoing healing process.

  10. You will be on my mind a lot and in my prayers as I want everything to go well and easy for you. You have given me so many daily gifts from your beautiful art work and you were so considerate to be thinking about us and what we would be needing from you...(I need my daily fix from Beyond Words)..when you should be thinking about only you. I hope these comments from everyone who has connected with you through your art help you to heal quickly. Take care.


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