Friday, October 17

October 17


  1. ok, i never thought i would write this phrase - but now i have entered into a new phase of computer geek-dom... and i just have to - 'OMG' i love the video you made of your journaling process!!! there's just no words to describe how special and important it is... everyone who watches it will surely be inspired to be creative. it's well done and you did a great job with the voice over...please make more as soon as you can:) i just love having you in my computer, talking to me! peace and love, j

  2. sshhhhh that was a secret preview ;) which will be posted here in a few day...
    Thanks for the preview endorsement!
    xox K

  3. I hope this post isn't indicative of your state at the moment! Fall/cool weather can really present tough, albeit beautiful times. Now, about that preview... :)
    take care,

  4. Well, I spent the day being x-rayed, poked and prodded, so I had to make something to reflect the process. I manipulated some of my back's x-ray images into this torso. Hours of medical crap is always rather painful to endure! and sooo.... I process it all by making art.
    (The preview referred to is a little video project, which will be up Tuesday or Wednesday!)
    xox Karin

  5. thanks for nice info karin

  6. You're welcome FM,
    thanks for your visit and comments,


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