Wednesday, October 15

October 15


  1. I am ! I am !

    Interesting...afraid of it yet reaching for it at the same time ?Hm...

  2. Hi Karin,

    I'm from the Go Gratitude forum. I LOVE your artwork!! It's so beautiful!!

    I'm mostly a singer/drummer and healer but one of the things I'm exploring and emerging with is painting with acrylics. I've done only a few since I began 2 years ago and you can see some of them here:

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your gifts. Wonderful!

    Love, Light & Gratitude,
    Brenda, Medicine Song Woman

  3. yikes, it has a hellish quality, with the fire-ish background and the hands reaching for relief, but then maybe that is all hell is - fear of the unknown, fear of pain, fear of heartache.

  4. Caf and Kim, admitting it is the first step ;) Deep breathing helps me - especially these days...
    yes Kim - don't we have to reach into it to get through it?

    and yeah, it is kind of hellish, isn't it?! But your observations are right on OC - what better definition of hell than the one you put forward? thanks.

    I've been watching too much news lately (not today!) and just glimpsing the head lines as I search out my words is enough exposure to leave me trembling from the energy of fear that the media perpetuates mercilessly.
    So, I go from trying to embody the feeling of the 14th, but I have to acknowledge that fear of the unknown exists, (in me and all around me) uncover it (illusion), expose it for what it is (still illusion), shed light on it, and hopefully disempower it!

    Thanks Brenda, will check out your work.
    peace all around,

  5. Scarey,
    I like your placement of the hands.

  6. "Disempower" the fear...those are very much words for me right now, they reflect what I am working on very well. As you said, it is definitely a challenge in this fear-based society, where we are bombarded with fears from the outside even more than some of our own internal fears. I need some more of the 14th feeling too ! Doesn't the whole world ?

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, and also your moments of peace...


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