Thursday, October 2

October 1


  1. In the Buddhist tradition we hear of meditating "as though our hair is on fire" meaning time is a wastin' and there is not a moment to lose. Seek peace of mind live with lovingkindness and be of benefit to others whenever possible. At least do no harm.

    Fire in the back may have a similar connotation, lesson,'re writing the book 'Beyond Words' and it seems to mirror the lineage of Wise Ones.
    I bow in your direction and thank you for this daily missal.

  2. Thank you D,
    It probably won't surprise you to learn that I spent at least an hour searching through my clippings to find a line I know I have buried in there with precisely those words, "as though our hair is on fire". I even went into a couple of online Quote sites to try and find what I was looking for, before resigning myself to what you see on these pages. How satisfied am I to read your comment, to know that my intent came through without the words, that the messages we carry and share are indeed Beyond Words.
    love to you, Karin

  3. Oh Karin, this has to be one of my favorites... the colors, the image and the quote - the message is amazing. This one needs to be framed!

  4. Angels are everywhere. Your images remind us of the power of simplicity, and the reality of the unseen.


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