Friday, September 5

September 4


  1. I have a nerve condition called RSD that involves a lot of burning pain that you can't've kinda captured that perfectly in this piece even if you are drawing from a more metaphorical sorrow :)

  2. well, it actually is inspired by actual physical challenges, but I do try to create and view the circumstances metaphorically...

  3. not only the obvious emotion of the topic as seen visually it's the pallett of these pieces that draws me in, page after page, and makes me want to wander, to reach under a line or beyond a list of words what next???what next??? the coolness of your warms the heat of your cools are magical and mystical and universal and timeless.
    Thank you for the intimacy of these pages K

  4. You're welcome D, and what's next? well, you see - a little break from the heavier stuff. On to the mirroring of bird activity (migration) to a new laptop and file sharing (migration) and the confounded mystery of how either happens - when thy finally do!!
    much love, K

  5. Hallo Karin really like your artwork. Love the spirit of this piece. It makes makes you think how deep can pain and sorrow be. Some time when you ask people about there pain or sorrow you have too go deeper to fine out. Just like beauty pain can be skin deep. Because sometimes you really feel like there something burning up inside that must come out.

  6. greetings anima,
    thank you for the visit and sharing your sense of this piece- you have put into words beautifully, the meaning within the images.


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