Saturday, September 20

September 19


  1. I find your pages very powerful... It's a very strong feeling when I look at them.
    Great work.

  2. Hi, Karin -- I've just come across your blog ... your creations are exquisite! I'm an artist, too -- with words -- and am awestruck at the images you're created.

    May I use one or two images on my own blog -- The "time to turn back?" collage in particular (your Sept. 16 entry) ...

    I'd want to use this on my "Quoteable I Ching" blog, to illustrate a principle -- the recurrance of change -- Please take a look at the blog and let me know if my work might complement yours ...

    Thank you; I hope to hear from you.



  3. i love the emotion your art creates. i love the colors and the abstract nature of your people. i also love the copy. guess i love your work :).

    p.s. i was attracted to your gravatar as i have these chakras tattoed down my back. very cool.

  4. Thanks for the love :)
    and chakra tattoos are a very cool idea!


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