Wednesday, September 10

September 10


  1. moving in a pretty kind of way :)

  2. I WANT TO DRAW. The way you captured a single, long sweet breath as she floated over the petals, gliding across whispers of dreams, buried hopes, longings...
    OK, my way of saying this rocks.

  3. Hey K
    I'm so happy to see what's transpired in your book over the last several days...this vaporous blue hue is as ease-y on the world weary eye as a patch of blue sky suddenly appearing out of a looooong deep stormy mountain ride...that's what I met as I traveled.

  4. I hope you don't mind that I have a link to your blog. I just want others to have the pleasure of seeing your beautiful art. The blue and white in this one is so soft and secretive, it's like the moon is pulling everyone in to the light, to their center.

  5. Thanks to you all for your responses to this piece. Funny, how sometimes the ones that struggle out of me seem to evoke the most peaceful vibes. I began with so many pulls of words, colors, ideas and images - if anything it was the feeling of too much that came over me. When I pushed it all away, literally and symbolically, this emerged.
    Odd chick, I also have had a link to your "Passions" blog, and am happy to be shared with others - thank you!


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