Sunday, September 14

September 14


  1. I loved you last image. It has haunted me. The sheltered heart? Sometimes, I wish you would give us words, or titles... but maybe purposely, you are letting the art speak for itself. This new one speaks of passion and pain to me.
    Although I paint a different genre, I would love for you to critique my new work I've posted recently.

  2. I can't believe it! I just left you a comment about your recent pieces!! We must have been sharing each other's work with each other simultaneously!

    Yes, I do consciously hold back on the words. Sometimes it's hard - I want to explain, but I think it's better for me not to project myself on the viewer. WHen I read what others see, i often learn even more about myself, and what I was saying without knowing what I was saying! You have hit on the essence of these recent images.
    Thank you, Karin

  3. WoW!! Your journal pages are GREAT!! Love them!!

  4. yeah, that was freaky, wonderfully weird, us being on each other's site at the same time. We have a cool connection- I feel it. thanks for the critique.

  5. I am always in awe of this blog and can never tell you how much I enjoy stopping by . My personal feeling is art is done by the artist with their perception, as the viewer of the art is able to "see" what is right for them. For me September 14th is a deeply personal day for me, and I was able to look at this post and feel, perhaps what I needed to feel for this day, and I thank you for that. Very talented indeed.
    Thank you

  6. Thank you Allison, that truly means a lot to me. I believe we are all connected in this web of life, and as we weave our way through, we can occasionally touch on universal themes, and in more rare instances, we touch on personal notes that others can relate to - whether through artwork, writing, or a simple conversation in the grocery line! That deepens the experience of life, for me. When someone tells me they relate to what I've created I feel doubly grateful - I know I'm not alone in an experience, and I know I've touched them in some way. Thank you for helping me to feel that connection,


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