Friday, August 1

August 1


  1. yey karin!!!!! it's soooooo good to see you blogging... and to bear witness to your absolutely beautiful (show-worthy) artworks. you have inspired me!!! i kept a funny little collaborative journal on our vacation by the lake - everyone added to it, even emma the 3yr old... i thought of you while i was away - trying to send you some lakewater vibes:) hopefully i'll send you another dvd at some point. sorry to leave such a long detailed comment on your blog, but i'm here and i absolutely looooovvvve your new altered journal. the red hand page is my fav. i will bookmark this and continue to check it out! love to you, jennifer

  2. thanks Jennifer,
    Your blog sites have definitely been an inspiration point for getting me rolling with this creative commitment and public display!


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