Wednesday, September 11

Taking Refuge

refuge |ˈrefˌyoōj; -ˌyoō zh |

nouna condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble :he was forced to take refuge in the French embassy sought refuge indrink.• something providing such shelter the family came to be seen as arefuge from a harsh world.• an institution providing safe accommodations for women who have suffered violence from a husband or partner.ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French, from Latin refugium, from re- ‘back’ fugere flee.’

Once again, a great deal of time has passed since I last logged in to my blog to post artwork or updates.  I have made very little art over these past months, which is extremely unusual for me.  I have resisted pushing myself to create for the sake of creating though.  

There is a great deal of discomfort, for me, in remaining creatively silent.

Sometimes more is to be learned through stillness, choosing inaction.  While making art has been a healing force in my life, and has helped me to make sense of much I've experienced, it had also become easy to work quickly, intuitively, and remain at a comforting surface.

I've needed to go deeper...

I'd like to say that 'I'm back from the depths', and ready to make daily art again.  I itch to!  But there is still more that needs mining.

In facilitating my mining expedition I have joined a workshop that my pal, Donna Iona Drozda, is offering, titled Free To Be Effective.  Click on the title and go to her blog where you can listen to an audio of Iona describing the depths we'll explore together.  Would love to 'see' you there!

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