Saturday, May 7


the need to move,


explore and


colorful gestures


as nothing

else can.


  1. ahhhhh....
    I can just imagine the relief once you had gotten some of this out, ins spite of what pain it may cost you. Grateful for the smooth tools available to you to go with that flow...
    Love and light to you, Beautiful Karin !

  2. Oh my gosh...these emote so!!! I love the color and freedom in them; the raw expression and use of incredibly bold strokes.
    And I am sitting here cutting papers and trying to get some transfer paper made for positioning elements on two pieces--mirror images....
    I'll trade you in a minute!
    Take care my friend ♥♥♥


  3. wonderful, I always love your texture and sometimes I am able to recreate it in some of my stuff ... sometimes.

    super & duper about the book below.

    happy weekend and hope you are well

  4. Hey K
    Indeed...explore, express, create...nothing else like grand that this unbeatable trio is being part of your day...celebrate away!!


  5. keep moving and creating! we are so happy to see that you are returning to the part of your world you love!

  6. wonderful lovely fluid lines. I am in the doldrums at the moment and need to do something like this.

  7. so beautiful karin...a graceful dance of the heart through the hands...I'm so happy you were able to play and explore.

  8. Yes, they really do, don't they? Drawing like this just lets the emotions flow onto the paper... and what a wonderful result!

  9. Absolutely--so wonderful to have you with us...

  10. thanks Valerie!

    Yes Kim, it felt really good to get some of what's inside, out! thank you my shining friend, xoxo

    Ha! Yes, these are the polar opposite of that detail work Anne!! I saw your detail work though, and it's beautiful :) xox

    Thank you Paige! yeah, i do love texture :) I hope your weekend was happy, too!!

    yeah d, i think we could call them a holy trinity for artists! big xoxox

    thank you so much lyle - it means a lot!

    Hi Penny, yes, I highly recommend this kind of colorful movement marking for helping the doldrums. I hope you feel better, soon. xo

    thank you Laura - it really did feel good after so long...

    thanks Sharmon! yes, so freeing :)

    Hi Jay, thank you so much for the welcome!!

  11. Karen, I keep coming back to your page and the last piece - so moving. It has drawn me back several times. Love it!

  12. Your pieces are always filled with such depth.I love the sequence here. The last image is one that speaks of humble open waiting... I like it a lot.

  13. Very intense as always. Hope you are doing well Karin.:)

  14. It is so interesting to see the 'birth' of these pieces. Thanks for sharing the beginning!

  15. I know how difficult it is for you to find this oh-so-necessary release...
    These are amazing!! Loving the process!

  16. Feelings of release and healing.
    What a wonderful place to be.
    You are such an inspiration to me.
    Your friend in life.

  17. The bottom painting, surrender.

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers!

  18. I can see and feel the movement in these - makes me want to just let go. I think I'm going to try and put more emotion and movement into my work - thanks, loved this post.

  19. Karin--I'm in awe at your power to put yourself at the service of your feelings; to become a conduit allowing the feelings to travel through you and arrive in a pure state on the paper. Muy buena!

  20. These sacred marks are so powerful.... I can almost reach out to touch you. You are so loved. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  21. I love your artwork. In this set, I am particularly attracted to number four.

  22. thinkin' of you right now...sending healing energy your way.

  23. First seeing your posting now- and just love the bold energy and your colorful and dynamic expression of life! Just wonderful to see - and feel! Hugs and thinking of you!! xo

  24. your mark making is fabulous! And the gesture of that figure is wrenching. As always so glad you shared

  25. thinking of you today dear one.

  26. Hello Karin, thank you very much for the sweet message. I am sorry I just opened my profile tonight, actually this morning. Oh goodness! It is late, or early. Hahahah!

    I hope you are well. How is your studio? Is it finished?

    Take care dearest Karin.

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